Henrico County Students Explore Careers in Renewable Energy

Posted Mar 22, 2023

Last Friday, high school students from Henrico County’s Center for Environmental Studies and Sustainability investigated a variety renewable energy careers and had an opportunity to learn from several local professionals. These activities were part of a sustainability-themed field trip to Malvern Hill Battlefield property for students enrolled in the Energy Supply, Sustainability, and Efficiency course.

renewable energy careers solar
High school students play the Renewable Energy Careers card game

First, students played a card game – played similarly to “Go Fish” – featuring real-life professionals who worked on actual renewable energy projects, including the solar array at Henrico’s Libbie Mill Library. The game spotlights a diverse set of professionals that contributed to each project, from an electrician working on a wind project to a boat captain supporting a river hydro-kinetic operation.

The Renewable Energy Card game features real professionals and real projects, including Henrico's Libbie Mill Library

Next, Henrico County’s Energy Manager, Carrie Webster, and a representative from Sun Tribe Solar, Meghan Milo spoke in more detail about their jobs and the factors each organization considered when developing a successful solar partnership.

Henrico's Energy Manager and a representative from Sun Tribe Solar speak about energy careers

Henrico County started the process to adopt solar in 2018 as a step toward environmental and financial long-term goals. Today, Henrico is a solar leader in Virginia with 14 solar buildings (and counting) in operation and under development. Solar energy provides the County with over 6 million dollars in budget savings, will offset over 157,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, and offers authentic STEM learning opportunities.

NOTE: Madison Energy Infrastructure acquired Sun Tribe Solar in April 2024. The team remains dedicated to continuing - and growing - the reach and impact of Solar Empowered Schools.

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