Elementary age kids walking together with clipboards in front of solar panels
Illustrated school at sunrise with solar panels on roof

Energize lessons

Browse the library of K-12 solar education resources to find just the right thing for your students.

  • ✓ Virtual solar tour
  • ✓ Solar career resources
  • ✓ Energy dashboard lessons
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Learn from others

Harness creative ideas from other schools and get the support you need to build something great at your school.

  • ✓ Inspiration from other schools
  • ✓ Real-life examples
  • ✓ Teacher coaching
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Find solar events

Stay in the loop with events in your community and beyond.

  • ✓ Teacher workshops and coaching
  • ✓ CTE network connecting teachers & industry
  • ✓ Renewable energy career fairs


See how schools are shining through renewable energy education

Solar Empowered Schools’ mission is to help students shine through renewable energy education. Madison Energy Infrastructure manages Solar Empowered Schools to extend the benefits of solar energy beyond roofs and into classrooms, preparing students for STEM careers and empowering youth to actively participate in their clean energy future.