Falls Church City Public Schools Celebrates Division's First Solar Array

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Meridian High School ushered in a new era of sustainability as it proudly unveiled its 440.90 KW solar array during a momentous ribbon-cutting and education event on December 5th, 2023. This visionary initiative comes to life through the collective efforts of Falls Church City Public Schools, Madison Energy Infrastructure (MEI), Sun Tribe, and Carrick Contracting Corporation.

This solar project features 818 panels and is poised to generate an impressive 557.3 MWh annually. The project, a testament to public-private collaboration, stands as a beacon of clean energy innovation, supported by both local and federal government initiatives.

Solar engineers share insights about the technical design of Meridian's array.

During the Solar Energy Expo, over 100 Meridian students participated in interactive activities covering technical design, solar circuit challenges, and insights into solar careers. Professionals from all parts of the solar industry – from business development, to financing, to supply chain, to construction – shared how their specialty contributes to the greater mission of building solar projects that benefit schools for decades.

The Falls Church City Public Schools solar team celebrates completion of Meridian's array.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Sun Tribe's Rich Allevi shared his thoughts: "I have a feeling the school district’s clean energy legacy will only grow brighter from here, and we hope to be there supporting that journey at every step." In a heartfelt essay, Gia Khan, junior student at Meridian, eloquently expressed the profound impact of Meridian High School's solar project on the student body's education. Khan emphasized the significance of incorporating sustainable energy education into the curriculum, describing the newly unveiled solar array as a tangible piece of their learning experience. According to Khan, the presence of this clean energy initiative on-site instills a sense of pride among students, fostering a connection between environmental stewardship and their educational journey.

Congratulations to FCCPS on this huge step toward a more sustainable future and an exciting new world of opportunities for students.

NOTE: Madison Energy Infrastructure acquired Sun Tribe Solar in April 2024. The team remains dedicated to continuing - and growing - the reach and impact of Solar Empowered Schools.